With Chameleo through agile methods to more structure and efficiency, culture and focus.

To more prominence. More turnover and growth.

We come from practical experience

From the operational implementation of strategies, product ideas and services. In addition to the corresponding consulting, we therefore offer the option of implementing jointly developed solutions as projects - with our own teams.

We see this as a unique selling proposition.


Business Development

Chameleo is a partner for the transformation of existing business or for the development of new business models -

We regard consistent customer centricity and the use of innovative technologies.

We gladly pass on our experience and knowledge to our customers in the form of consulting services.

We also offer active management support so that we can provide immediate support if necessary.

Our Services

Digital strategy and
Business Transformation

Sports Club Consulting




Digital Marketing and

Goals that we pursue for our customers

Increase in revenues through digital technologies and corresponding methods driven through new businesses

More structure, efficiency and focus

More awareness

Cost efficiency through digitalization of business processes

Creation of contemporary corporate cultures

HLEE is a company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and operates through its operating subsidiaries and participations primarily in the media and sports and event marketing sectors.