Strategy & Innovation

Our customers know their own business best. CHAMELEO is therefore happy to support as an agile and experienced impulse generator, sparring partner, solution-oriented conceptualiser and implementer.

With CHAMELEO methodically to the goal

The increasing battle for attention as well as the constantly changing customer needs require active and decisive action. To make this happen on a resilient foundation, we take into account the different dimensions of a digital transformation for our clients. Or that of sub-projects.

During the process, we analyse the current situation of the company or division, benchmark the competitive situation as well as relevant services and products, priorities and dependencies, weigh up opportunities and risks, inspire complementary partner models and develop concrete solution proposals for you.

This is our strength

CHAMELEO's teams use market-tested methodologies to search for suitable technologies. Ultimately, costs and benefits are to be optimally harmonised. A stringent roadmap leads to the jointly developed target picture and thus creates the framework for action, which is guided by clearly defined KPIs.

We accompany you step-by-step during the implementation. If you wish, we will be happy to accompany you all the way to the goal.

Our service focus

Tech audits

Analysis and cost/benefit presentation and recommendation

IT Architecture & Integration

From Cloud to On-Premise

Processes & Automation

For structured work processes


From strategy, implementation, tracking, security to DSGVO-compliant deletion

Digital Commerce

From New Business, Engagement, Community to Payment

Customer Journey/ Experience

Consistent, adaptive user experiences and engagement


Contribution of market know-how and inspiration

Technologies, data and innovations as profitable elements of the business development of agile companies

Technology is not an end in itself. Along the existing corporate strategy, we methodically develop data and technology-oriented solution models that support your business developments.

Enriched by the diverse skills and experiences of humans, data then form the basis for further, concrete decision-making.

Innovations lead to novelty, empower true USP, protect against disruption and strengthen competitiveness and new business.

Let us surprise you with targeted ideas.

We can backend and frontend

From IT system landscapes to large scale community management. From web and app to consistent data connection.

The search for a suitable data lake in the backend requires fundamentally different skills and experience than the design of innovative front-end technologies.

The architecture of holistic IT infrastructures or modern, highly integrated platform solutions require different requirements than, for example, the conception of intuitive customer journeys, data brand strategies or the set-up and operation of social communities.

CHAMELEO's heterogeneous teams both have operational experience with the different disciplines. And not only in theory.

We can do both.

We act along the economic goals of our clients

Do you have any questions? Gladly.

If you are uncertain whether we are the right partner for your project or if you just have a question. We look forward to hearing from you.



Business & Digital Transformation

  • Business models
  • Senior and Management Consulting
  • Technology, data, processes and efficiency
  • Change management with culture, mindset and tools


Data and technology solutions

  • Cloud / On-Premise
  • Data & AI
  • Analytics
  • Innovation


Sports Business Consulting

  • Business Development
  • Technology, Data, Processes, Efficiency
  • Media house
  • Optimisation of scouting and youth development